It is with great pleasure that I dedicate myself to building new violas in all common sizes.


I feel a need to offer musicians modern instruments that are easy to respond to and that inherently have a wide range of sounds that enable the player to express themselves in any way they wish.


My violas have a full, powerful depth and a pure, clear high. I build according to my own family model, which is based on the Amati world of forms. Each instrument is made entirely by hand.


The tops used mostly come from South Tyrol, the maple for the backs even comes directly from the Isar valley.




As with all my instruments, I also use high-quality tone wood for the construction of my violins. This wood comes mainly from South Tyrol and the Bavarian Alps.


In my opinion, good wood is an important prerequisite for being able to build instruments of consistently good quality. Both in terms of sound and craftsmanship.


My goal is to build violins with a beautiful, brilliant sound and radiance, but which do not lack depth of tone and a certain warmth. Each violin is made entirely by hand and is therefore a one-off.


Of course, this also offers the possibility of fulfilling individual customer requests.

About me

In 1997, after completing my school education, I began training as a violin maker at the technical school for violin making in Mittenwald. Coming from a family of violin makers, this career choice came naturally to me.

My grandfather started making violins in the 1920s.


After an internship at Willem Bouman in The Hague, I worked in my father Fridolin Rusch's company from 2002-2013. There I was mainly concerned with building  new violins and violas. I built about 200 instruments during this time. In addition, I carried out service work on the hand-made children's instruments and, of course, the usual repairs from time to time.


I have been working independently in my workshop in Lenggries since 2013. Since then I have devoted myself passionately to the construction of new violins, violas and cellos. What I love about my work is the mixture of great technical precision and artistic freedom. Being able to create an instrument on which the musician can develop his art always fills me with great joy!